New York: The Food, the Art, the City

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Last week, Shawn and I went to New York with his teenage kids. Coincidentally, New York was the last trip I took before COVID (in November 2019), and my first trip after the pandemic. The city is just reopening, and we found that it wasn't completely back to normal. Some places didn't allow indoor seating, some businesses had limited hours, and others weren't open at all.

New York
Shawn and me in New York

Masks were still required at some restaurants and stores, unlike in Atlanta, where we are seeing everyone's faces again (for better or worse, ha ha). It's not surprising that New York is being cautious - they were hit badly by COVID, and it is a densely populated city with scores of tourists (including us).

Overall, though, we found that Manhattan was less crowded than usual, which made for a nice vacation.

The Food

There is no better place for dining out than New York.

I loved seeing all the outdoor patios put up by restaurants in the street, some crudely constructed, others quite elaborate. I hope the city allows the patios to remain.

Ivan Ramen in New York
Ivan Ramen in New York

Patio in New York

We ate everything from Italian to French to Japanese to Mexican. My favorite was Ivan Ramen, which Shawn chose after we saw Chef Ivan Orkin profiled on Chef's Table. Chef Ivan's story is remarkable because he is a Jewish guy from New York who outdid the Japanese when he opened a ramen shop in Japan.

I ordered the Triple Pork Triple Garlic because the noodles come in a sauce, rather than a broth. It was my favorite dish in New York.

Tie for second place goes to Angelina Bakery, featuring old-world Italian pastries and savory sandwiches, and Paris Baguette, which nearly fooled me into believing I was biting into a real Parisian croissant.

Below, sweets and savories from Angelina's Bakery

Angelina Bakery

Angelina Bakery